Wednesday, August 24, 2011

i love my job

i love my job. seriously. even after days when i spend way too much time running around trying to track down charts and orders and equipment and patients themselves, i love my job. only downside: it's exhausting! last week i didn't make it past my living room once before falling asleep. and the other night i came home, fed Voltron, and fell asleep... for 11 hours! fully dressed, purse and lunchbox next to me, on top of the comforter, diagonally across the bed. I seriously only vaguely remember Tim coming home and putting me under the covers.   i'm up around 6:30 AM, at work by 8, and i don't stop running until about 4:30. like, literally actively moving on my feet all day and helping others do the same. I even document standing up half the time. and then i get home... and the puppy and the husband and the couch... all look so comfy and cozy. *sigh* i need to find some energy to get me through the "after work" part of the day so i can participate in life more. any thoughts on how i can do that would be greatly appreciated. if you'll excuse me now, i'm going to feed my hungry belly then crawl into bed and do a crossword puzzle until i fall asleep. and just maybe, if i'm feeling like i've got a little extra bit of energy, i may paint my nails. watch out world. night night.