Monday, October 3, 2011

Fall Fun

October is here! Cool weather and fall decorations abound! :) I'm truly enjoying getting to decorate and make things and getting our home in the spirit of the season! I've been living on Pinterest (which I LOVE), getting ideas for really neat and realistic decorations. I hit up Joann's and Michaels over the weekend and picked up a couple of glittery fall leaf garlands and other supplies. I also got a shadow box to put our wedding invitation in. I finally finished my crafty things tonight! Now to try and decide what to carve into my pumpkin in a few weeks...

 shadow box with our wedding invitation and our claddagh rings.

I got this from Michaels and painted it. You can't really tell but the front has glitter on it.

I got this from Joann's and painted it... The tree has glitter on it! I love glitter!! :)

My first Pinterest project! I got a styrofoam wreath, wrapped it in yarn, and added crochet flowers which I also made myself. A little ribbon, and voila! LOVE it!

Closeup. :)

Happy Fall to all! :) What are your favorite Fall decorations?