Friday, January 20, 2012

Slouchy Hat

I used the Martha Stewart loom knitting kit to make this hat. I had been eyeing the kit for months (I LOVE Martha) and received it as a Christmas present! Do my in-laws know me or what?! :) The instructions in the booklet say to use both curved pieces and all four medium length pieces, but I found that to make a hat too big for my head. I used the curved pieces, two medium length pieces, and two small pieces.

I've had this yarn for many years. I originally used it for a throw blanket but with only a little ways to finish the yarn was discontinued. Over the years I've used parts of it for a couple of scarves and now I made 2 slouchy hats: one for me and the other for my sis!

In wearing the hat, I found that because all the weight is in the back it would slowly slide of my head. I tried using a couple of hair pins to secure it to the top of my head, but that didn't work very well. Then I took a thin headband and slid it in between the layers of the brim to conceal it. I put on the hat with the headband in place as it would normally be and that has seemed to really work! I still have to realign it occasionally, but not nearly as often as before. I even ran through the airport with it on today and only minimal movement! Now for the real test: sight seeing in New York City! :)

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