Sunday, July 8, 2012

my first car

I bought my first car today! Actually, I just bought my car from my dad. But still it's my first big purchase like that. Hopefully soon we can get it all transferred over to my name. That'll be the last thing that I have financially tied to my parents. Kinda crazy. Sometimes I realize that I'm almost 30, which is definitely in the adult zone; but having spent so much of my life in school, relying on others for everything, I feel like I'm just dipping my toes into the adult world. Tim's been so great with all that. He's walked me through a lot of it and only minimally gotten frustrated with my cautious/nervous feet dragging. We've been planning for home ownership in the near future. That's really exciting to me. I've never gone to look at houses like that and chosen where I'm going to live. It was either chosen for me or situations arose that were convenient and agreeable choices. So this is really the first time that we'll be choosing together where we will settle down and start our family; where I can plant my garden in the ground; where we'll be stuck with the craziness of figuring out what to do when it's 100+ degrees outside and the AC just broke. We like the area we are in, and while it's not far away from our friends or family it's out of the way enough that no one ever comes over... we always go to them. And that's fine, but it'd be nice to be able to have people over to hang out and kareoke and cook out every once in a while. So lots of stressful and exciting stuff coming up!

Also, our precious nephew Keating James has arrived!! He's seriously adorable. His mommy and daddy are holding up well, albeit a little on the sleep deprived side. Wish they lived closer so I could cuddle him every day!! Tim's other sister is due soon, so we've got another little nephew to snuggle with coming up! So excited!

Keating on the blanket I made him for some of his pro pics. I know. Adorable.

I'm a proud Titi!

Puppies are doing well.... They were tearing through the house earlier chasing and playing. They're so funny sometimes. Definitely like siblings. They have their moments where they cuddle and play and get along great, and then there are times when they don't want to share toys and push each other out of the way for attention. So cute. I got Ripley a bed today to try and get her to sleep on it at night. She did great on it during the day, but as soon as she say Voltron jump onto our bed, she jumped up, too. We've tried getting Voltron to sleep on a dog bed, but he never quite got the hang of it. Once he slept on the floor in front of it for a bit, but that's the closest he ever really got. Hopefully we can figure this out, because 2 dogs and 2 people in 1 bed do not make for the most comfortable sleep.

Piecing the quilt together has come along. I've gotten 3.5 rows worth of blocks done out of 7. In no rush still, but it's hard to not get too excited and want to spend all night sewing when you see it coming together like that! Going through at least 2 spools of thread each week... I should probably buy it in bulk at this point. Ha. I also took a break from the quilt for a few days to sew some curtains for my nephew who is due in August - Tyler. That was fun! I enjoyed making our curtains earlier this year, and took a  few extra steps for these to make them even more "professional" looking. I lined them an all. They look great, and I can't wait to see them hung up! I've also done a few miscellaneous crafty things lately in preparation for a bridal shower next weekend for one of my besties! More to come on that afterward! :)

Detail shots of the top and bottom, including the lining, and a shot of the first panel I completed.

Finished curtains hanging in Tyler's nursery!

Just thought I'd update on the recent goings on. Until next time.

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