Thursday, March 22, 2012

Life sans Facebook

Everyone keeps asking me how I'm doing without Facebook. I'm pretty sure most people don't believe I haven't even glanced at it. But I'm doing great with it! At first it was like breaking a habit. I would automatically try to find the app on my phone whenever I turned on my phone, etc. However, after that initial need to see what was going on in the FB world passed, I felt (and still feel) really good about it. I'm much more at peace with things. Although I do still miss being able to post pictures of my puppies and seeing pictures of outings with friends and keeping up with family, I don't miss the anxiety that came along with it. I think I'm just a little too high strung to deal with that. I'm a worrier. It truly has meant a lot to me when I've received a phone call or text from someone since I've been off Facebook. It really makes me appreciate our friendships that much more.

I don't think I'll entirely pull the plug on Facebook after Lent is over (I still really appreciate the convenience of being able to keep in touch with certain people) but I don't feel like I need to check it every 3 seconds. Here's to a much less stressful life! :)

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