Friday, July 15, 2011

Are we there yet???

The last couple of weeks before the wedding were definitely a whirlwind. I forced myself to get up early and study at least a couple of hours every day. Then it was wedding crunch time the rest of the day! So many last minute details: monogram stickers, welcome bags for out of town guests (including cookies made from scratch), getting the right color ribbons for different things, ironing tablecloths, preparing gifts for our attendants and our parents, etc. The list seemed endless at times. I got so overwhelmed that I literally wrote out a prioritized, detailed list of everything that needed to get done and then I scheduled and delegated tasks. I got teased quite a bit for my lists toward the end there. I make lists when I'm stressed. They help me to see and organize more clearly what I need to do. (Yes, I am clearly a Monica.)

My family came into town in waves the week of the wedding. It was so wonderful having everyone together again. I'm very glad many of them were able to come early so that we could spend time together before the wedding. Some of my family who came I hadn't seen in at least 7 years! It was wonderful to have them around to make last minute shopping runs with me.

The most stressed out I got was the Tuesday before the wedding. My friend, Ashley, can attest to this as she was the recipient of a rambling phone call canceling our study date that night. Everything seemed like it was piling up and people kept changing the plans without telling me until it was too late to adequately modify my schedule; and we know how that makes me! I talked to some family and friends and let them know how it affects me when they do things like that. I think a part of it was that although I was delegating some tasks, I kept the bigger projects for myself. It's that whole "take control of a situation" thing I've done all my life. And that certainly wasn't going to stop for my wedding! Once I was able to communicate with others and I asked for some more help, everything got a little easier. It's amazing what a few extra sets of hands can accomplish! Before I knew it, Friday had come. Officially wedding weekend. Officially time to kick back, have fun, and enjoy all the most important weekend of my life had to offer!

~*Dr.Mrs. Q*~

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