Thursday, July 21, 2011

Study, Eat, Sleep, Repeat

Boy am I glad I never have to do that again!! Probably the most bittersweet month of my life. I finally get to spend time with Tim and be married to him and enjoy being a newlywed, but instead I had to study. I'm not saying I was entirely productive all day every day, but it takes me so long to really learn something rather than just memorize it that I spent a LOT of time staring at books. So depressing. And all I wanted to do was play with my husband. :(

Voltron was my study buddy. He kept me company all day. Of course he was usually napping or trying (occasionally successfully) to distract me so I would play with him. I was very glad to have someone to interact with. It got really really lonely being by myself all day everyday.

I also rarely left the bedroom. It was so infrequent, in fact, that I started being a bit of a hoarder on my night stand. Snacks, pens, highlighters, beverages, Tylenol, you name it. Tim kept coming by and trying to organize it but I knew there was no point. He even joked that I needed a night table rather than a night stand for all my clutter.

And boy did my husband know how to keep me appropriately fueled! :)

And then it was time for the test. My awesome sis-in-love, Colleen, and her awesome husband were my hosts while I was in Columbia for the test. They fed me, talked to me, and left me alone when I needed it. So glad to has spent that night with them! After a few pep talks and words of encouragement from family and friends, it was bedtime.

The morning of the test, I was so nervous that I got sick. Twice. Never done that before and hope to never do it again. Then I tested. Then I did everything I could think of and made sure I always had someone with me or on the phone to talk to to keep my mind off of it. Tim and I went on a date that night. He even took me to see a chick flick! We saw "Something Borrowed." ( Very funny, btw!!)

That night, I couldn't sleep. So I read a book instead. My favorite romance author had released a book during my study time and I (obviously) hadn't had time to read it yet. I stayed up reading until 6, slept until 7, then woke up and checked the website over and over and over at least once per minute until they posted my fate at 7:30.

THEN, I was so excited that I couldn't sleep! I was on cloud 9. And it was a great day. Great great great. :) I even posted on Julia Quinn's website about it and she congratulated me! I crashed that night. Slept like a baby.

And last week I got my license in the mail!

Started work this week! More to come on that later!


  1. WOW, two pounds of twizzlers?! Awesome!

  2. It was gone in under a week. :)