Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bridal Shower

I had the best bridal shower I could have ever asked for. I was so worried that no one would come (I was told only 3 people RSVP'd) but I was overwhelmed with all the people who were there to celebrate, support, and share in my preparations for marriage. My sister/Maid of Honor, best friend/Matron of honor, and cousin/honorary sister hosted my shower. The food was amazing! Everything from sandwiches, spinach dip, and even sushi! For dessert, there were 2 different kinds of cupcakes (both incredibly delicious and made my by Matron of Honor) and my cousin made my favorite cake- tres leches!

We played word games as well as the toilet paper wedding dress game! My sister-in-love (as my Titi Daly says) is getting married in August, so she and I were the two brides. We had all laughed so much the entire time! They should have a TP challenge on Project Runway, because it's definitely harder than it looks! :)

There were so many gifts! It was so overwhelming to see it all in one place like that! It felt like Christmas but better! We received so many items that we needed. Tim and I were (and still ate) so awed by the generosity that has been shown to us by all our family and friends. A HUGE thanks goes out to everyone who came and showered us with love!

~*Dr. Mrs. Q*~

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