Friday, July 15, 2011


Woke up early, got all dressed up, and we all hopped in our cars and drove to Sacred Heart for the rehearsal! We had a couple last minute changes, but it was no sweat. The happiest time in my life wad upon me and nothing wad going to get in my way! We rehearsed thoroughly. Everyone knew what to do when and we were on our way in under an hour! It was really exciting seeing everyone all lined up and practicing walking and standing how we would the next day. It was such a surreal feeling. It was finally here!! We came back to the house and all split up to complete our tasks. Mine: packing for the honeymoon! I had actually started already, but it got pushed aside while everything else was stealing my attention.

When that was done, I headed down to the Savannah Rapids Pavilion for our Rehearsal Dinner. Tim met me outside and we entered together. This was the first time our families had really met. I only have one local family member and Tim has none nearby so it was the first time everyone would be in the same room together. I was really excited about that. And interested to see how it would go, considering some of my family doesn't speak English. One of my aunts came up to me later and told me in Spanish, "Tim's family seems so nice! I have no idea what they're saying to me, but they seem really great!" it made me laugh. :) Success! The views were great over the river, so everyone enjoyed taking lots and lots of pictures. It was a great night! 

After the rehearsal dinner, the men folk went to play video games on Tim's last night of bachelordom, and the women folk went out for margaritas and karaoke! We went to a nearby Mexican restaurant that we have frequented since high school. So much fun! I love me some karaoke!! 

And then it was bedtime. My last night sleeping as a single lady at my parents' house. Crazy!! I was exhausted from the hustle and bustle of the day, so I went straight to sleep.

Me and Mr. Darcy on our last night just the two of us! He's obviously excited for the wedding.

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