Sunday, July 31, 2011

Lorin's Baby Shower

Lorin's having a little girl soon! So, of course, we had to help her get ready to welcome little Mary Anita into the world! We had such a great time at Lorin's baby shower, and I had a lot of fun preparing for it. I made a few yummy treats and got all sorts of crafty. :) The shower was a luau theme sprinkled with pink items throughout.

We played some fun games including naming baby animals, guessing how big around the mommy was (it was really funny to see how much everyone over-shot that!), and a different twist on Bingo! Lorin got lots of really cute baby clothes and other fun things. I learned a lot about baby stuff from this experience. When I first went into the baby stuff store, it was so overwhelming! I didn't know where things were or mostly where to begin looking for them. It's a whole other world in there filled with practical, cute, and terrifying things. Overall, a super fun experience and shower!

Only 8 weeks left to go until there's a new tiny Lorin running around out there! Can't wait to meet her soon!!

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