Saturday, July 16, 2011

May 21, 2011 - Our Wedding Day

On our wedding day, I woke up at 7 AM. I was wired, excited, and ready to get married! I took a long bubble bath, and headed downstairs for breakfast.

A staple of my parents' house is that every Sunday morning my dad makes scrambled eggs and toast. That morning, when I went downstairs, my dad was making scrambled eggs! We had breakfast just like we would any other day. Small talk about the weather, funny anecdotes about our family, and "remember that time" stories. And then, it was off to start getting ready! Gisela and Gemita, my cousin and one of my bridesmaids, had already been running errands for me getting together the last few things for the bridesmaids luncheon.

We all met at Jealous Hair Salon where Heather worked her magic! It was very impressive how in 4 hours she could do about 10 different hairstyles and everyone looked fabulous! They were nice enough to let us bring food and mimosas to lunch while we got ready. I was most excited about the charm cake! My mom made her signature vodka-Kahlua cake, sprinkled with powdered sugar on top, and I placed different charms pinned to lavender and green ribbons for each girl to choose. Wish I had taken a picture of it... it looked really cute with all the ribbons!

After we all got our hair done and were all made up and had lunched, we headed back to my house to get dressed and take pictures. Getting me all ready was definitely a team effort! Gisela and Lorin got me into my dress, my mom put my barrette in my hair, and Jessica put my garters on me! My something old was a piece of my grandmother's dress from her 50th wedding anniversary, my something new was my dress <3, my something borrowed was my jewelry from my mom, and my something blue was a barrette that Gisela clipped to my garter. We took pictures inside the house and in our back yard, I drank my wedding day Coke, and then we were ready to start heading down to Sacred Heart! All the bridesmaids hopped into one limo to ride down, then my parents and I took another limo together.

In the mean time, the men-folk met at Sacred Heart to get ready. They took pictures together before the women-folk arrived. When we arrived at Sacred Heart, the bridesmaids and I took more pictures before going into hiding. Tim and I decided to exchange letters with each other before the wedding. This was something that is particularly special to us because for the first 6 years we were together I wrote Tim a letter on each anniversary. It was super special to read Tim's letter before the wedding. And it made even more eager to walk down the aisle! The waiting was killing me. I was literally fighting the urge to jump up and run out there. Knowing my future husband was standing on the other side of that door, all dressed up in his tux and green Converse low-tops, made me just want to be out there with him!!

And then it was FINALLY time.

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