Wednesday, July 20, 2011


The day after the wedding we headed down to Port Canaveral for our honeymoon cruise! We went on the Royal Caribbean Monarch of the Seas to the Bahamas. We really enjoyed it! We made stops at Coco Cay and Nassau and spent the rest of the time at sea.

While on the ship, we spent our time sleeping in, eating, going for walks, reading, and napping. And I spent some time in the sun, while Tim hid indoors. :) A hard life, right? The food was great! We definitely took advantage of the room service, too. Tim kept making fun of me because I ate many times throughout the day... I had lost so much weight before the wedding from stress that I just told him I was making up for everything I hadn't eaten in the last month. The Captain's Dinner night, we got all dressed up (Tim even got in a suit!) and had a wonderful French meal! I don't remember all the specifics, but I do remember the dessert: a DElicious chocolate souffle!

On Coco Cay we went snorkeling! It was a little overcast, and the water was freezing!! But we still had fun and saw lots of pretty fish and coral. And then we layed out on the beach... by that I mean I layed out and Tim covered himself in towels. Ha. ;) We had lunch and headed back to the ship.

On Nassau we took a Forts and Pirates tour. We rode on a bus and got a tour of the island as we drove to visit two forts and then a pirate museum. It was really neat! And I got a fan for my collection. We learned a lot and had fun at the pirate museum. It was kinda like walking through the "Pirates of the Caribbean" ride at Disney.

Driving through Nassau was interesting.... Parts of it reminded me of driving through PR. It was kinda crazy seeing how some people live there, though. Especially the public water pumps and out houses. But other parts were so beautiful! The views were so great, the water so clear, the flowers and blooming trees... Beautiful!!

It was an amazing vacation. And an amazing honeymoon. Favorite part: getting to spend every minute of it with my sweet, wonderful, brand new husband! :)

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