Saturday, July 16, 2011


This part is a huge blur to me. I remember only a few things clearly: not paying attention to the music and trying to start walking down the aisle early, trying so hard not to cry during my vows that I was barely audible, Tim <3, and how unbelievably happy I felt.

When it was time to start lining up, all my bridesmaids grabbed their bouquets and started getting in order. It was so special to see and hear words of encouragement, support, excitement, and love from some of the people I love most. Gisela was the last one out of the the room, as she was the Maid of Honor. The second she stepped out of the room she started crying. I couldn't look at her! I hadn't cried yet, and I was determined to at least make it through the ceremony!! She calmed down and was on her way, then it was just me and my daddy. We talked about our dance, how we're glad it didn't rain, and why I'm supposed to stand to his left as we enter the ceremony but Tim's right as we leave the ceremony. (Thanks, Lorin, for the history behind that, btw! haha!) When the wedding coordinators opened the door for it to be my turn, I practically leaped out of the room.

As soon as I saw Tim, I didn't notice anything or anyone else. I was SO excited! All day everyone kept telling me that I was so calm and they expected me to be stressed out and kinda crazy. But I knew I wasn't going to be like that. I knew who I was walking down that aisle to and I was so excited to finally be there in that moment with him! The bridesmaids walked in to "The Prayer". I was so oblivious to the music I cued my dad to walk too early! Luckily the coordinators had a hold on me to stop me. Ha. Then, the Augusta Symphony Orchestra String Quartet started to play "Seasons of Love" and it was show time. The next 20 minutes.... I can't really recount them. I remember looking at Tim and he was smiling more than I've ever seen him. We said our vows, exchanged rings, lit our unity candle, and were pronounced husband and wife! I was so excited that I couldn't contain a little bounce and a giggle. Seriously the most perfect, magical, special moment in my life. And then we shared our first kiss as a married couple and the moment got even more perfect.

As we started walking up the aisle together, I couldn't hold back the tears anymore. By the time the bridal party met us back inside, I was full-on crying! We all hugged and cried and laughed and took cell phone pictures and I cried more. I kept saying to Tim, "We just did that. We're married!!" Happy. More than happy. Exuberantly jubilant. Best day ever. Ever. Ever ever.

Afterwards: Time to party!!

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