Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Big Kid PT

It's a little weird being a Big Kid PT! I love being able to see patients on my own and documenting and then moving onto the next one instead of waiting around for my CI to check off on everything I say and do. I'm all independent and stuff. My work environment is great, too. Everyone is willing to help so when I have a question I don't feel embarrassed to ask or follow up about something. (That was an issue I had with one of my CIs. Didn't make for a very comfortable relationship.) I'm getting to do some wound care, too! Very happy about that. They have a very good and thorough mentoring process here, so I'll be "orienting" for another couple of weeks. And I get my first paycheck on Friday! Woo-hoo!! Very excited about life lately.

Here's a picture of the beginnings of my desk decor:

~ Dr. Mrs. Q

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